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. he said it's necessary because the security environment in asia is getting more severe. lawmakers on a parliamentary committee are taking a closer look at the bill. the prime minister wants to build a body that's similar to the u.s. national security council. he would chair meetings and his foreign and defense ministers would take part, along with the chief cabinet secretary. the national security office would be created within the cabinet secretariat at the same time. the chief cabinet secretary spoke during the meeting. he urged lawmakers to get the bill enacted as soon as possible. >> translator: the security environment surrounding japan is increasingly unstable. regular forums involving the prime minister discussing the security issues are vital. this will allow the prime minister to take strong leadership in the field of national security. >> suga said the head of the national security office would be in charge of the administrative affairs. the national security council would advise the prime minister directly. he added, the posts could be filled by individuals from the pub
a legal structure that will suit the difficult security environment. [ trumpets sounding ] abe spoke to about 4,000 self-defense force personnel at an annual review at a garrison in osaka, north of tokyo. >> translator: you may think it's enough for you to just participate in training. or you may think defense capability itself works as a deterrent, but as s.d.f. members, you have to completely get rid of those old-fashioned ideas. >> he said japan needs to constantly pursue the best possible security policies, and he said the control tower will be the national security council that he plans to set up. abe added that he would like to see a public debate on whether japan can exercise its right to collective self-defense and participate in collective u.n. security operations. >>> japanese and chinese experts are trying to mend bilateral ties. they've called on their governments to set up a crisis management mechanism to prevent accidental clashes over a territorial dispute. they made the appeal at an annual private sector forum on sunday. the event was organized by a japanese think tan
environment and they are beating for her -- petitioning for her removal. >> two huge excavators have been tracked down that were stolen from a site. we have this photo of one of the two, 15 ton excavators taken from the job site in clinton. each is worth $120,000 and would take a huge effort to move. a tip led them to a property 20 miles from the site. no arrests have been announced. >> time for a check on the weather. what is going on, mike? >> it is much cooler. 11 degrees cooler in livermore. nine in san carlos. four in oakland. 13 degrees cooler in half moon bay. to the north, the frost advisory is dropped. it is 39 in santa rosa. that is as cool as it is right now. napa is 40. novato is 41. mill valley is 42. 49 in richmond district. temperatures are 53 in alameda, a warm spot, and 48 in redwood city and 43 in san jose and lafayette and 42 in san ramon. it will be cooler stepping outside this morning because of the clear and calm conditions and the dry air. you may want to grab a heavier coat. total sunshine by noon. upper 50's to mid-60's by 4:00. we are back in the low 50's to near
we have been able to foil numerous terrorist plots and securitya post-9/11 environment. at the same time, with new capabilities we recognize the need to be additional constraints on how we gather and use intelligence and it is in the context of this dynamic thenology environment that president has directed us to review our surveillance capabilities. we talked a little bit about this, but this is good in the context of stories we have said of late to remember that the president called for a review early in the summer. this review is being led by the white house and includes agents from across the government. there are also important efforts underway that would enable others to review how we strike the right balance, including the on communications and intelligence he technology and the privacy and civil liberties oversight board. we are looking across the board at intelligence chattering to -- intelligence gathering to ensure as we gather intelligence we are accounting for the privacy shared by americans and citizens around the world. we also need to ensure that our -- that we are mo
in a different political environment someone is going to have to take the blame for this and the secretary would be the most likely person. the problem is, if the president replaced her in this environment, how difficult would it be to get anyone confirmed through the senate, vir cull certainty of republican filibuster, an opportunity to use this as kind of a way to lever annual more concessions from the administration. i think that is probably in the back of their mind. what you are seeing is understandably a lot of democrats nervous about the sign-up period, in particular, and whether it has to be extended. if people can't get through the website to boy the insurance, the idea of finding them, even though it's a fairly individual find for not having it becomes absurd. >> thanks, so much. all eyes will be on wednesday when the secretary does testify. that's for sure. let's go over to mikaela for all the stories making headlines right now. >> good morning to you at home, a somber day, massachusetts, a funeral mass will be held for colleen ritzer, the massachusetts teacher allegedly killed by a s
. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. ♪ ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone. [ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion has an active naturals oat formula that creates a moisture reserve so skin can replenish itself. aveeno® naturally beautiful results. ♪ ♪ here you take a walk on the wild side ♪ >>> what a song and what a legend, rock fans this morning remembering a poet and a true legend, singer/songwriter lou reed died sunday at his home in new york. his publicist did not release any details. reed was known for tackling taboo topics like drug addiction and homosexuality in his music. he had one top 40 hit, though he was so well-known "walk on the wild side" it was about drag queens. he was 71 years old. our thoughts are with his friends and family. >>> singer chris brown in trouble once again. here's what happened. brown and a bodyguard are charged with felony assault accused of
environment so we can be able to see them and learn about them. >> they're really big fish, usually kept in small quarters. doesn't seem right. >> it tells the story of a veteran seaworld trainer dragged into the water and drown by a killer whale she was working with in 2010. >> the whale lanchs onto her and took her under. >> now former trainers believe killer whales should be released back into the wild or retired to sea pens. why do you think they're still in captivity? >> well, there's dollars to be made. and you know, big draw for these facilities that have them. >> it's a business. >> it's a business. >> seaworld declined our request for an interview, but did provide a statement, saying in part, the film fails to mention seaworld's commitment to the safety of its team members and guests and to the care and welfare of its animals, as demonstrated by the company's continual refinement and improvement toiliti its killer facilities, equipment, and procedures. seaworld brings in about $1.5 billion a year. and supporters say millions of visitors are not just entertained but educated and
(footballnames.ecl) environment especially for a young children that they get good education, and in afghanistan it's impossible for the kids, especially for the one who is working with the american for their kids it's impossible to goe go to the schools or kindergarten to get education. but for here there is no more fear of taliban to get my children or harm my children. i you can sen can send them to s or kindergarten for a good education. >> i saw somewhere you said that in afghanistan they would learn to hold guns. here they will learn to hold a pencil and paper. >> yeah. janis when he got off the plane last night i asked him, what does this mean to you? my kids instead of having to learn how to predict and defend -- protect and defend themselves, when they go to school they will be taught to hold a pen and pencil and piece of paper. >> janis welcom well to welcomed states. >> straight ahead the surprising pick for the most powerful person in the world. and mariel hemingway talks about millions who need assistance now. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. >>> up next is the golde
and other organizations because they would have a platform, a safe haven, and environment, and more capabilities. it will be harder for them to fix the problems that they will be causing. facing terror is not only about military force. of course, military force is important. security forces are at the forefront of this. the developing of capabilities. destroying all this is necessary, but not enough. we need a sound structure. if there is indecision in the political structure this allows , for al qaeda terrorist to develop. we are working on containing al qaeda in iraq by enhancing social peace and finding constitutional solutions to problems. of course we have problems in iraq. it is a new democracy. it is a nation following a dictatorship. it cannot be without problems. many other democracies way older than ours are still facing problems. we have problems, but quite candidly these problems are , under control through the constitution. we may get angry, but eventually we reach a solution that is constitutional and that is adaptable. this is what you always see. you will hear voices
. the environment has rights. and he's telling me we have an old saying, business is business cap go -- is business? >> we have an old saying, business is business, except with business. [laughter] [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] him him >> a him look now at the live events we will cover this afternoon. a session of the privacy and civil liberties data board. they will deal with the nsa surveillance programs. we showed the morning sessions earlier. you can watch them on c-span video library. we will be live with the afternoon session at 1:00 eastern time. the senate is in at 2:00 eastern live on c-span to continuing debate on work based discrimination bill. also considering to judicial nominations today. live this afternoon, the u.s. news on hospitals and health care. we will hear from former senate republican leader in surgeon will frisk as well as don usha leyla and the head of the cleveland clinic and tax six message -- texas medical center live at 3:00 eastern on c-span three. this evening, a look at the
the impact that illegal sand mining, is having on the environment and people's lives. >> reporter: and in sport find out if baseball beards bought the boston red sox to the end and we will have sports in about 35 minutes. ♪ and at the u.n. security council they will be talking about the situation in the eastern part of the democratic republic of congo later today after a peace keeper was killed there and three days of fighting and the army says it has taken over a number of towns in the province from the march 23, the m 23 rebels including the stronghold and finding between government forces and m 23 began on friday less than a week after the peace talks between the two sides broke down and the government and rebels are now blaming each other for launching the first attacks. and m 23 rebel fighters join the congo army in 2009 and defected saying they have been treated poorly and the government did not live up to the deal. and the group took over territory in the province and briefly seized the provincial capitol. there are allegations and both nations deny and we are live from p
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over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. >>> welcome back, everybody. they say politics makes for strange bedfellows and since the launch of the mandated health care law, politics has been front and center in the media. three examples of media talking heads saying the darnedest things. first up, nbc talking goatee chuck todd seems to be carrying the water for the obama administration by blaming the insurance companies, bob, for the new revelation that millions will lose their coverage under obama care. >> they put themselves in the hands of the insurance companies. they were making promises that they were hoping the insurance companies were going to keep, but when you think about that initial statement, and at the time, all of us said we're highly skeptical of how he could make that promise. i never understood why he said if you like your health care plan you can keep it because he was relying somehow on the insurance companies. >> no, no. >> dana, your thoughts on that. that's exactly
to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. [ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion has an active naturals oat formula that creates a moisture reserve so skin can replenish itself. aveeno® naturally beautiful results. aveeno® medicare part d plan did you know that if you enroll in a where walmart is a preferred pharmacy, you could save up to 80% on your co-pays over other pharmacies? this could lower your prescription co-pays to as low as a dollar so you can enjoy the things that really matter. and now that we're a preferred pharmacy for many national plans, it's never been easier to save. choose any plan where walmart is a preferred pharmacy provider by logging on to now through december 7th. save money. live better. walmart. >>> good morning, everyone, time for a check of your top stories. >> two inmates that escaped from an oklahoma jail are back in jail today. they found them about 20 miles from the jail. two other men who escaped with them are still on the run. all four made a clean getaway, after breaking a maintenance
and in today's environment, one in seven people are driving without insurance. focus onhey going to people keeping their insurance or are they going to walk in and take one months worth of insurance and stopped paying on it? there are too many unanswered questions. the bottom line as far as the white house -- everyone in there should be fired if he truly was not made aware of what was going on. host: on that point -- aides dismiss suggestions that obama did not pay attention on either of these areas. i said the president was deeply nations on the surveillance practices, but was focused on those areas that constituted the major threats to the united states. he had no reason to suspect that of merkel or other leaders close allies were being cap. on health care, aides said that mr. obama had been fixated on details of the laws carrying out and that advisers did not withhold information but were likewise surprised by the scope of the problem. , are you still there? what do you think? jober: if i did not do my right, i would not still have a job. we are going to go to gym in chicago -- jim in c
a big ipo this week of twitter as well. that is really the environment we are in here overall as far as the major market averages. steel stocks are doing so well on analyst upgrade over at goldman sachs. up for the .5%, steel up 3% on the day today. goldman sachs raised for example putting still dynamics to a buy from a sell. it shifted its rating. it was cautious originally but now the standout stocks that are worth keeping an eye on and buying as they say. adam: thank you, nicole. lori: a live look at the u.s. attorney's office in new york where in moments they are going to unveil insider trading plea deal with sac capital capping a multiyear insider-trading probe. we will bring you this live. charlie gasparino also on hand when the attorney general speaks. adam: we want to bring you the latest developments on blackberry. dennis kneale has been covering this. is this a surprise? dennis: it is a shocker. now it was down 16%. the whole thing is what if they had a buyout and nobody even showed up? those stocks selling off on that because the buyout is over and replacing the ceo. it is
, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. jon: happening now, the uproar of spying on the german chancellor for years. just the latest in which the obama administration insists the president had no knowledge this was happening. problems of the rollout of the insurance website, or even the justice department spying on reporters for suspected leaks to inadequate security for our consulate before the benghazi terror attacks or operation fast and furious. the president or his people saying mr. obama simply didn't know. but when it comes to his administration's success stories like the killing of osama bin laden, the president appears to have been in the loop and very hands-on. >> i was briefed on a possible lead to osama bin laden. it was far from certain and it took many months to run this threat to ground. i met repeatedly with my national security team as we developed more information about the possibility that we had located osama bin laden hiding within a compound deep inside pakistan. and finally, last week, i deter
in this whole environment. contractors will have to get thatyou have got to have ths on and the power coming at you. host: have you visited the site? guest: i would like to, sure. there are a variety of places around the country where we have intelligence, my plan is to talk to theoperators, talk folks manning this around the world. there are members of congress who do those things when you're on the committees and it goes to to her. laura here, saying -- " watch like a hawk, no one is aware of the breath or depth of these programs your co guest: we are, but the problem is we cannot communicate that to the american people, have not found a way to communicate that to the people. we on the committee are trying to figure out how we can do that , without disclosing sources and methods, without tipping our hand to the bad guys, how can we begin to tip our hand and build confidence for the american people yeah co we are trying to find that sweet spot, so to speak, of doing that and still perfecting the country, but giving the people some confidence that this is being done appropriately and that th
and the broader business environment. >> it was lacking is enough confidence to take risk toes create jobs. i think that's the big issue here. but people are maximizing what they have. they're not doing a lot of new things. so for aig, we continue to grow. we continue to grow across the board, both in the united states and around the world. but it's a matter of our clients are a little bit more cautious. but i don't know that this quarter or next quarter that you'll see any effect on our business materially. >> and stores products retailer container store, they raised $225 million. the ipo was priced at $18 a share, the top end of its increased price range. stairs are set to start trading on the new york stock exchange today under the symbol tcs. >>> microsoft co-founder paul allen's fund is suggesting microsoft spin off its consumer business. this is big news. the man who manages allen's fortune is now suggesting that microsoft search and xbox business res deextracting from the software business which drives earnings. so i mean, paul allen and bill gates, i don't think they're -- they've bee
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)